Entry fees/Payment method

up to 2012/01/01between 2012/01/02 and 2012/01/31between 2012//02/01 and 2012/02/16on site
under 18 or weaker than 18kyu10 €15€16 €
18 €
la pedra club members, aego members and non-spanish residents16€20 €
23 €27 €
other players21€ 26€
27 €
29 €

This is in order to reduce to the minimum the number of people who pay in site at the registration desk. Registration and attendance confirmation will be closed at 9:45, so players who fail to pay by then will not be paired for the 1st round. Payments that are not received by Friday, February 16th at 12:00 will not be considered valid and people claiming to have done them will have to pay in cash. Refunds will be discussed the week after the tournament.

All players must pay before the specified dates in order to have the discounts.

- The payment methods available are PayPal and ordinary bank transfer.

- PayPal:
Use the tournament PayPal account bcntournament@gmail.com
You can make group transfers. Specify it at the comments section writting down all your names.

- Bank transfer:
Please do not use bank transfer if your bank is not Spanish, it may be quite expensive both for you and us (contact us to find a solution). State "bcn2012" and your name (e.g.: bcn2012 John Carpenter)

Account number: 2013 0624 60 0200417378
IBAN Code: ES65 2013 0624 60 0200417378
Bank name: Caixa de Catalunya
Address: Calabria, 231-233 08029 Barcelona
Account holder: Carles Triana
This year we expect that everybody pays in advance, in order to avoid delays caused by cash payment before the 1st round. That's why we allow paypal payment, which has no cost for the sender.

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